General Information


Palazzo Ducale
Piazza Matteotti 9,
16123 Genova


By air By Air

There are frequent direct flights to all the most important European cities as well as convenient intercontinental connections.

By train By Train

Situated in the city centre, the Palazzo Ducale can be easily reached by bus from Genova Brignole and Genova Principe railway stations (Piazza de Ferrari stop).

By car By Car

Travelling from the North and the West, exit at Genova Ovest tollgate, take the Sopraelevata flyover, exit at P.zza Corvetto. Travelling from the East, exit at Genova Est tollgate, direction Brignole railway station, Via D’Aste and Piazza Dante (Via D’Annunzio).


Each participant will receive a name badge upon check-in at the registration desk. The badge will be the official congress pass and should be worn at all time in order to gain entry into the meeting rooms.


Coffee breaks during the Course and the light lunch on 27 and 28 May are included in the registration fees.


Regularly registered participants will receive a certificate of attendance.


The Congress Organizers do not assume any liability for personal injuries sustained or loss of, or damage to, property belonging to congress participants (or their accompanying persons), either during or as result of the congress. Participants are requested to make their own arrangements with respect to health and travel insurance.


The official language of the GOA_retina Course is English. All participants are encouraged to join discussions, independently of their fluency in English, as the exchange of ideas and critical evaluation of presentations is the main purpose of the Course. Simultaneous translation into Italian will be provided during the sessions in the plenary room.

CME CREDITS (only for Italian participants)

I crediti formativi ECM saranno certificati dal Provider OIC srl (n. 2836) secondo il nuovo regolamento approvato dalla Commissione Nazionale per la Formazione Continua il 13 gennaio 2010. L’accreditamento del Congresso sarà effettuato per l’intero evento in un’unica soluzione.

I crediti assegnati al Corso sono 2,6 e sono rivolti a Medici Specialisti in Oftalmologia, Medici di Medicina Generale, Ortottisti/Assistenti di Oftalmologia, Farmacisti e Infermieri.

La presenza al Corso sarà certificata dalla firma dei registri all’entrata e all’uscita giorno per giorno. L’assenza di una sola delle firme necessarie determinerà l’impossibilità di assegnazione dei crediti.

Per completare l’acquisizione dei crediti il partecipante dovrà compilare l’apposita modulistica da ritirare presso il Registration Desk, comprensiva di scheda anagrafica e certificazione di autoapprendimento nonché il questionario di valutazione dell’evento da compilarsi in forma anonima.


Free Wi-Fi Internet connection is available in the plenary room and common areas of the Course venue.


Slide Centre

The Slide Centre is situated in Sala del Minor Consiglio. The plenary room is equipped with a computer slide projector alone, and no traditional slide or overhead projectors for transparencies are available.

It will be not possible to use personal laptops in the meeting room. Speakers are kindly requested to use “PowerPoint” (Windows or OS X Apple) or Keynote for their presentations. The dimensions of the presentation should not exceed 300 MB, videos included.

Please use “.gif ” and “.jpg” extensions for images. Other types of extensions will be accepted provided they can be recognized by PowerPoint / Keynote.

The use of CD-Rom, pens or memory stick is advisable to ease downloading of presentations, and same should be handed to technicians at the Slide Centre in good time. Please remember to collect your CD or memory pen from the Slide Centre at the end of the session.

Speakers with presentations on CD Rom or memory pen: please report to the Slide Centre at least one hour before your presentation or the day before if you are scheduled to speak in the morning.
Speakers with presentations on personal laptops: please report to the Slide Centre at least four hours before your presentation or the day before, if scheduled in the morning.

This timing will allow your presentation to be downloaded onto the main computer.